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List social events

Last updated June 17, 2020

GET /calendar/v1/events/social

Method Details

HTTP Methods:


Response Format:


Requires Authentication?


Rate Limited?






Required Scope:


Retrieve social events for Calendar. A shortcut of the standard events call for finer-grained control. Supports filtering.
Required Parameters How to use Description
OAuth Access Token or API Key Authorization: Bearer {token} header
or hapikey={key} query parameter.
Used to authenticate the request. Please see this page for more details about authentication.
Start Date startDate=X - Used in the request URL The beginning value of the query range, in UTC, in milliseconds
End Date endDate=X - Used in the request URL The end value of the query range, in UTC, in milliseconds

Optional query string filters & options

Parameter name Description
limit The maximum number of items to return. Defaults to 100.
offset Starting value to page by. Defaults to 0.
campaignGuid Show tasks by campaign guid. Multiple can be specified.
includeNoCampaigns Show tasks without a campaign specified (true, false). Defaults to false.

JSON Fields returned in the response

Field name Type Description
id string The unique id of the task
portalId string The hub id
eventDate long When the event is/ was scheduled to be sent, in milliseconds since the epoch
eventType string Type of calendar event; Will be SOCIAL for this endpoint
category string one of twitter, facebook, linkedin, googlepluspages
categoryId integer 0 for all social events
contentId long reserved
state string one of SCHEDULED, PUBLISHED
campaignGuid string value of campaign GUID associated with Event
contentGroupId long reserved
topicIds list of longs reserved
name string Name of Event
description string description of Event
url string public url of content item
ownerId long reserved
createdBy long HubSpot id of the user that the event was created by
previewKey string reserved
socialUserName string social media user name associated with event
socialDisplayName string social media full name associate with event
avatarUrl string url of image associated with social media event
recurring boolean is the event recurring? (true, false)