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Create Property for Timeline Event Type

Last updated July 8, 2020

POST /integrations/v1/:application-id/timeline/event-types/:event-type-id/properties

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Create a new property for a specified timeline event type.

Event type properties can be used in the event type template to display informaiton from the event. Properties can also be used for list segmentation.

You can map event type properties to CRM object properties, so that the property set in a specific event will also update the mapped property in the CRM object. For example, if you have an event type for contacts, and an event type property mapped to the company property, you can update the company property of the contact when that property is set in a created event.

Note: The following tokens are reserved, and cannot be used for event properties:

  • properties
  • applicationId
  • eventTypeId
  • extraData
  • id
  • objectType
  • objectId
  • portalId
  • timestamp
  • email
  • utk
  • domain
  • log
  • lookup
  • timelineIFrame
  • eventTemplateId
  • tokens
Required Parameters How to use Description
 hapikey= Used in the request URL Your Developer HAPIkey. This must be a Developer HAPIkey associated with the Developer portal that the OAuth app was created in.
 userId= Used in the request URL Your HubSpot user ID. You can get your userId when viewing your Developer HAPIkey in your developer portal.
application-id Used in the request URL The ID of the application that the event type belongs to.
event-type-id Used in the request URL The ID of the event type that you want to create the property for.
name Used in the request JSON body The unique internal name of the property. This is used to set the property when creating an event.
label Used in the request JSON body A label used for displaying the property in the user interface. 
propertyType Used in the request JSON body The type of information that will be stored in this property. This must be one of the following: Date, Enumeration, Numeric, or String.

Optional Parameters How to use Description
objectProperty Used in the request JSON body Specifies a property for the event type's objectType.  If objectProperty is set, then the corresponding property will be set in the object that the event is associated with (i.e. if objectType is CONTACT, and objectProperty is jobtitle, we'll update the job title of the contact record).
options Used in the request JSON body The set of available options for Enumeration properties. See the examples for more details.