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As of November 30, 2022, HubSpot API Keys are being deprecated and are no longer supported. Continued use of HubSpot API Keys is a security risk to your account and data. Your API Keys could be deactivated at any time after Nov. 30th, and we recommend that you migrate to Private Apps as soon as possible so you do not lose business-critical functionality.

Get a blog topic by ID

Last updated June 17, 2020

GET /blogs/v3/topics/:topic-id

Method Details

HTTP Methods:


Response Format:


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Get the details for a specific topic by its ID.

Required Parameters How to use Description
OAuth Access Token or API Key Authorization: Bearer {token} header
or hapikey={key} query parameter.
Used to authenticate the request. Please see this page for more details about authentication.
topic-id Used in the request URL Unique identifier for a particular topic

Optional query string parameters

Parameter name Description
casing Use the casing=snake parameter to change the API's casing for returned JSON fields (below) to snake_case, rather than camelCase, which is the default. This option is provided for backwards-compatibility and ease of migration from Content v2 APIs, which used snake_case.

JSON Fields returned in the response

Field name Type Description
id string The unique id of the topic
portalId string The hub id
created long When the topic was first created, in milliseconds since the epoch
updated long When the topic was last updated, in milliseconds since the epoch
deletedAt long When the topic was deleted, in milliseconds since the epoch. Zero if the topic was never deleted. Use a DELETE request to properly soft delete a topic - do not set this value directly.
name string The topic name
slug string The URL-friendly version of the topic, used in blog urls
description string The topic description