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Get Timeline Event Types

Last updated June 17, 2020

GET /integrations/v1/:application-id/timeline/event-types

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Developer Tools

Required Scope:


Get all of the event types for a specific application
Required Parameters How to use Description
 hapikey= Used in the request URL Your Developer HAPIkey.  This must be a Developer HAPIkey associated with the Developer portal that the OAuth app was created in.
 application-id Used in the request URL The ID of the OAuth app, created inside your HubSpot Developer portal.

Optional ParametersHow to useDescription
None None No optional parameters for this method.

This will return a list of details for any event types created for the specified application-id.  Each entry will contain the following fields:

  • id: Identifier of the event type
  • name: Name for the event type
  • applicationId: Application ID that this event type belongs to
  • objectType: The particular objectType that this event type is associated with (can be CONTACT, COMPANY, or DEAL).

The following fields will be present but may be null:

  • headerTemplate: Header template to be used when rendering events of this type
  • detailTemplate: Detail template to be used when rendering events of this type