There's a new version of the HubSpot API

As of November 30, 2022, HubSpot API keys are no longer a supported authentication method for accessing HubSpot APIs. Instead, you should use a private app access token or OAuth to authenticate API calls. Learn more about this change and how to migrate an API key integration to use a private app instead.

Set Conversation settings

Last updated June 17, 2020

hsConversationsSettings = { :settings: }

hsConversationsSettings can be used to provide configuration options to the Conversations API before it initializes.

Usage of this is entirely optional. This object must be set before the Conversations API is loaded. This will have no effect if set after window.HubSpotConversations is loaded.

Optional Parameters How to use Description
Load Immediately "loadImmediately": true Whether the widget should implicitly load or wait until the widget.load() method is called. Defaults to true.
Inline embed selector "inlineEmbedSelector": Where the widget should be embedded in the page. If a selector (e.g. #some-id) is provided, the widget will be embedded inline within that DOM node. It will always be open until it is removed via widget.remove
Enable cookie banner "enableWidgetCookieBanner":true Whether or not the cookie banner will be enabled for all chatflows on the page.
Defaults to false.
Disable attachments "disableAttachment":true Whether or not the upload attachment button should be hidden in the chat widget.
Defaults to false.