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Get timeline event type by id

Last updated June 17, 2020

GET /integrations/v1/:application-id/timeline/event-types/:event-type-id

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Developer Tools

Get the details of a specific timeline event type by its id.

See creating an event type and the Timeline API overview for more details about the details included for event types.

Required Parameters How to use Description
Developer API key hapikey={key}
Used in the request URL as a query parameter.
Your Developer API key. This must be a Developer API key associated with the Developer account that the OAuth app was created in.
App ID /:application-id
Used in the request URL
The ID of the OAuth app, created inside your HubSpot Developer portal.
Event type ID /:event-type-id
Used in the request URL
The ID of the event type that you want to get the details for.